Sunday, November 8, 2009

Savouring Sunday....

In our modern age it seems so much of our everyday existence is harried. We are often catapulted from one obligation to another. Some days seem to pass without as much as a blink of an eye, much less a reflective pause. The race to possess ever "more" pushes the intangible and unquantifiable aspects of our lives towards the fringe. Most of my daily moments slip by without the examination they deserve. Thankfully, the changing of the seasons speaks to me and the wind seems to whisper slow down, laugh, play, love.....Today was one of those glorious fall days, the perfect day to take the advice of the wind and soak up the beauty of my ordinary life. So, I put on a slow pot of butternut squash soup, left a loaf of country wheat bread to rise on the counter and jettisoned off with my babes.....The sun and the sand greeted me and and I swear I heard the waves laugh "what took you so long?"