Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Better late then never.....

Outdoor Hour Challenge Autumn Series: Pumpkins

Well, we finally got around to doing our pumpkin study today. The day was bright and crisp and seemed to beckon us outside. After a bit of lolly gagging we got down to business and selected our sacrificial squash. The children observed their pumpkins and came to these conclusions:
  • The sound of a thumped pumpkin is indeed "hard".

  • Pumpkins without deep creases must be "young" as they do not have wrinkles.

  • Pumpkins smell like the color "orange".

After these astute and rigorous scientific observations we proceeded to gut our pumpkin and engage in our favorite activity....eating. T was at first horrified by the idea of eating pumpkin seeds due to their innate "sliminess". I lovingly reassured him that the "slime" factor would be eradicated after roasting. He continued to eye me suspiciously but in the end acquiesced. Thirty minutes later T was devouring his seeds with gusto! T has decided Pumpkin seeds are "awesome" and his new favorite snack. He is already planning his next pumpkin slaughter. Please secure your pumpkins......