Friday, November 13, 2009

Best. Toy. Ever.

We have been in the house for nearly 72 hours straight....Today marks the fourth day of gale force winds and we now have major coastal flooding. This is a sure recipe for boredom and bickering....I'm referring to myself of course. Now onto the children, we broke out our HABA marble run today and it provided hours of cooperative fun. Did you catch that....I said cooperative, as in no fighting.......Now if I could only convince O to take a nap the day might be a total success. Seriously though, this marble run was well worth the cost. For beginners it is made in Germany, not China. Secondly it is constructed of unstained wood, no chipping or peeling paint to worry about. Most importantly though, it is a completely open ended activity. In one small marble lies all the laws of motion. My children are able to explore and discover physics and engineering while having a blast. This toy is only limited by their imagination, so with my kids the possibilities are infinite. Now if it were only self-cleaning.........