Sunday, November 22, 2009

Baby Bling

I am an avid babywearer. It all began with T. I received my first sling for free as part of a promotion for the libraries birth to four program. It was the start of a love affair that is still going strong. I believe babies should be held as much as possible, and that it is impossible to spoil them. Last time I checked E there was no expiration date stamped on his bottom. I'm not sure I could function without my slings, wraps and mei tais. On a recent out of town day trip I realized I had forgotten my wraps. I had to stop at the local fabric store and by a few yards just to get through the day. I do not even own a stroller, my children ride close to my heart. E is strapped on to me most of the day...he is such a cute accessory. Babywearing allows me the freedom to multitasks. E is there as I do the laundry, cook diner and bake bread. I have ridden carousels, danced at weddings, and hiked mountains all with a baby on my back. Babywearing is not some newfangled trend, humans have strapped their children to themselves from the earliest times. Babywearing is still universally practiced in Africa and much of Asia. I try to tell these facts to the hordes of people I meet who are "amazed" by these new baby contraptions. I'm often shocked by the comments I receive such as "I had to carry them inside me for nine months, why would I want to strap them on and haul them around any longer" or "Aren't you afraid your going to drop them" um no...aren't you worried about your stroller rolling into traffic, or being taken by a stranger? On the whole my babywearing receives a very positive reception. I always feel some secret shared sisterhood with other babyweares I see in public. They know the joy of warm baby's breath on your neck. Babies are little for such a short time. I plan on chasing after mine with yards of fabric trailing behind for as long as he will let me!