Monday, November 2, 2009

Memory Monday

I'm starting a new concept today for the blog. Every Monday I will post a memory. It might be a recent one or something dug up from the deep vestiges of my childhood. Today's is a recent memory of O.

Stop Following Me

Last week, as I was surprisingly sitting at the computer, I heard some shouting coming from the foyer. Now, I have three children so shouting is most definetly an hourly occurrence. I decide to sit and wait it out....hoping they would just "work" it out.....O continued to shout. It went something like this:
Ahhh...get away from me...Ahhh...leave me alone...Ahhh...stop following me....go away.
I decided it was time for an intervention. I imagined T was pestering her, as big brothers are wont to do. I slowly crept to the foyer hoping to witness the infraction first hand. As I turned the corner into the sunlit foyer I see O standing alone. I am perplexed....she still hasn't seen me... I decide to stake it out. What I witness next is priceless. The sun shinning into the foyer is creating a shadow. The shouting is O defiantly telling her own shadow to leave her stop following her....and to get away from her. This provided some much needed humor to my day! Moments like this when your children are exhibiting pure foolishness are what childhood is all about. I wish I could still throw my logic and reason out the door and whole heartily yell at apparitions and sprites. Oh wait, I can I have children......


Smrt Mama said...

I love the concept of Memory Monday! I think themed days makes it easier to motivate myself to blog regularly. I currently do "Ask A Homeschooler" Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, and Secular Thursday, but your idea for Mondays is so wonderful that I might have to steal it for next week.

Ritsumei said...


sarah said...

Feel free to steal the concept! It is also a great way for me to organize the week.