Sunday, September 5, 2010

A Homeschool Schedule Ephiany

We were planning to start our 2010-2011 homeschool year this coming Monday 9/6. However life, and out of town doctor’s appointments have gotten in the way. I will have to push back our start date to the following Monday 9/13. This late start was giving me much angst last night until I had a light bulb moment....we could switch to year round homeschooling. The more I thought about it the better it seemed. I ran the logistics through my head all night and this morning put it all down on paper. I think this is the answer to many of the homeschool challenges we faced last year...namely BURNOUT.
Our new schedule will consist of mainly six week school sessions with one week breaks in between. The exceptions will be two week breaks at Christmas and birthdays, and a six week break for summer. This works out to 36 weeks of school and 14 weeks of breaks. It will leaves us with 2 extra weeks of breaks to use throughout the year for floating holidays or just life happenings :)

So here is a rough sketch of our new academic calendar:

Sept. 13-Oct. 22     6 weeks school
Oct. 23-Oct. 31      1 week break
Nov. 1-Nov. 19      3 weeks school
Nov. 20-Nov. 28    1 week break
Nov. 29-Dec. 17    3 weeks school
Dec. 18-Jan. 2        2 week break
Jan. 3-Feb. 11        6 weeks school
Feb. 12-Feb. 20     1 week break
Feb. 21-Apr. 1       6 weeks school
Apr. 2-Apr. 17       2 week break
Apr. 18-May 27     6 weeks school
May 28-Jun. 5        1 week break
Jun. 6-Jul. 1            4 weeks school
Jul. 2-Jul. 10           1 week break
Jul. 11-Jul. 22         2 weeks school
Jul. 23-Sept.2         6 week break

I am happy to have one more week to get things organized for the school year and this schedule really fits our family dynamics so much better than the traditional school calendar. I have high hopes for a successful year now!