Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Calm Before The Storm

It seems hurricane Earl is headed our way.  Yesterday we decided to venture to the beach and observe the already raging sea.  I am often awe struck by the sheer destructive force of Mother Nature, yesterday was no exception.  The ocean churned and exploded onto the shore with each passing wave.  The children were  mesmerized by it's power.  The duplicity of the ocean is a lesson best learned early in life, we have taught our children to respect it from the beginning. 

I'm using this opportunity to explore the topic of hurricanes with the children. We are reading from the Don't Know Much About Planet Earth and Eyewitness Explorers Weather books.  We also found great information on these websites Weather Wiz Kids  Hurricanes-A Unit Study for Kids .  We will be preparing our hurricane disaster kits tonight and bunkering down for tomorrows storm.  I will keep you all posted how we fare!