Friday, January 22, 2010

Pom-Pom Madness and Haiti.....

So I've become a bit obsessed with making pom-poms this week....It all started with this crafty crow project and snowballed from there. After watching this video on youtube I began my pom-pom adventure. O had to have a doggy and T requested an alien. These little buggers are easy to make and universally loved (at least at my house).

I was listening to NPR's coverage of the humanitarian crisis in Haiti while making these little beasts.  Suddenly, I was stuck by the frivolity of my endeavor. As I sat playing with my yarn millions of people were struggling just to survive. I called in the children and gently broached the subject with them. We have decided to count up are pennies and make a donation to Doctors Without Borders. I also plan on becoming a blood donor for the first time next week. Are any of you helping Haiti? Does anyone have any suggestion for how to make a small difference there? I must say that in light of the crisis in Haiti it seems a bit callous of me to be spending my days creating pom-pom creatures....but hey at least they are cute:)


Kash said...

Those are adorable!

I personally am waiting another couple of weeks to determine what the biggest ongoing needs in Haiti might be, before I donate.

And I don't think it's frivolous or callous in and of itself. I do think it's a good reminder to be thankful for what we have, but I have seen too many plays on guilt in the last week and a half. People should, in theory, give because they want to give, not because they've been guilted into it. Sorry, I'm ranting! :)