Saturday, January 2, 2010

Firmness of Purpose you have any? What exactly is a resolution? The definition of resolution is "the mental state or quality of being resolved or resolute; firmness of purpose". Resolutions are hinged on one key component...determination. I usually don't make resolution, I know myself to well. This year I am breaking from tradition and resolving one freedom. My goal is to be as debt free as possible buy the end of 2010. I can't realistically pay off the house or the auto loans, but it is well within reach to fulfill my other monetary obligations. I am determined to rid myself of this burden. We already live extremely frugally, but I am rising to the challenge. I am on a mission...a thrift mission. So if you have any thrifty tips please share! Good luck to me and all of you...if you were brave enough to resolve anything:)


Kash said...

When I was still a teenager, I told myself that if I didn't learn before I was thirty, my thirtieth birthday present to myself would be a saxophone. Well... I turn thirty this year. Eek! I have to get on that, now.

Thrifty tips... nothing unique. Just the usual generic "plan your meals, buy dried beans vs. canned," etc.

sarah said...

I expect to see some saxaphone pics this year lady!