Monday, October 26, 2009

Sew Knot Impressive ......

Well, my second adventure in sewing did not go as smoothly......Many of the projects flat out failed and the completed ones were quite"wonky". However I'm fairly certain my 5 month old will not judge me to harshly. I know it will take time and practice to be able to sew at the caliber I desire....but I'm so impatient. Here are two of the imperfectly adorable projects I attempted. First up a scrappy earthworm who has been bequeathed with the name Sherman the worman.
Next my attempt at a tag blanket...not a "Taggie" blanket because that would be copyright infringement:) The seams are terrible but E still loves it!

While I've have been practicing my skills so has miss O. I took all my felt scraps and cut small slits into the middles. Next I gave O one of my large embroidery needles and had her string them together. Once completed I basted them on to a strip of 1/2 elastic and.......Viola a rocking wrist cuff!


Ritsumei said...

We did something very similar last year, with a jingle bell at the bottom & called them ornaments. Though it drove the cat CRAZY, and you could call them cat toys too.