Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm a little acorn round.....

Outdoor Hour Challenge Autumn Series-Oaks and Acorns

This week for our outdoor hour challenge the children and I studied Oaks and acorns. There are a variety of Oaks growing in our neighborhood and 2 Oak trees in our own backyard. We were able to identify the Oaks in our backyard as Eastern White Oak trees, we also found Scarlett Oaks and a suspected Northern Red Oak. We did a bark rubbings of the Eastern Oaks in the back yard.

Here is a picture of O holding her collection of Scarlet Oak leaves.

The children are really enjoying this fall nature series and it is wonderful to see them be able to identify trees on their own with no prompting from me. We are going to do a variety of craft projects with our leaves and acorns I will post our masterpieces later.