Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Playing with my food.....

We have a birthday party to attend in the near future and I have been "practicing" making the gifts. This is my trial run for the holidays. I plan on attempting to handmake everyone's gifts this year. It's my simple way of reining in the out of control consumer train our family is riding on. With the exception of one or two gifts, I don't expect to "buy" anything for the children. I hope my extended family won't mind their lovingly handmade will be quite a deviation from the usually! We are short on funds and the world is short on resources....most of my materials will come from repurposed items and thrift store finds. Wish me luck it's sure to be an adventure. This cupcake is so cute and calorie free! Directions can be found here at Rachael Rabbit.

Thanks to felt, strawberries are now local and in season all year! I found the tutorial for this strawberry at Mr. Monkeysuit. I'm planning on making a few dozen more:)

Perhaps I can challenge you all to a handmade holiday season. Please follow the link on my blog to Etsy and browse the thousand of handmade treasure waiting for you.


Ritsumei said...

Those are darling! I've got tutorials for a felt pizza and tomatoes on my blog, if they fit your menu.