Thursday, October 7, 2010

Outdoor Hour Challange-Autumn Series #2 Geese

This weeks Outdoor Hour Challenge was to observe and study geese.  Part of this study included a comparison of ducks and geese.  We once again ventured to our local wildlife refuge to perform our observations.  Luckily this refuge is a major resting stop for migratory birds; duck and geese included.  We found a large Canadian Goose population but only a few ducks (mainly Mallards).  The children were able to make a few comparisons; most notable the difference in the length of the animals necks, and the difference in their bird calls.

We wanted to delve further into this weeks challenge so we decided to continue our study at our local zoo.  This zoo has a very diverse population of waterfowl.  We were amazed by the vast difference between all of the different duck subspecies.  The colors of some of these birds were breathtaking.   Each of the children chooses a different type of duck to further study  once we returned home.

 T choose a Mandarin duck .

O choose the Red Headed duck.

While this week's study was supposed to be about geese I must admit we were much more taken with the ducks:) 


Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

Autumn Birds....that was the challenge so I am so glad you went with your interests. There are an amazing amount of ducks to learn about and just being able to discern the differences between geese and ducks is a great skill for children. I think your family did a great job on this challenge and the top two photos in the entry are amazingly beautiful. I love the way the water looks in the first one. I would love to use it as the OHC Photo of the Week. Please let me know if that is okay with you.

Thanks for sharing your entry.

Anonymous said...

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