Monday, March 8, 2010

Starting our day off right

We are definitely in the minority when it comes to television consumption. We do not have a cable subscription, and due to our rural location do not receive a clear digital transmission. This translates into no network television for our household. The children do watch DVDs but their total screen time each day is limited to 2 hours which includes the use of the computer and video games. Recently, the children had fallen into the bad habit of watching a DVD while waiting for and eating breakfast (I am not a morning person). Inevitably the kids would not want to turn off their program when breakfast was over, and tensions would rise for everyone. It is hard to segue into the school day with pouty children. After weeks of dealing with grumpy resistant children in the morning I have finally reached a compromise. Each morning, while I am preparing breakfast, the children sit at the kitchen table and listen to a book on CD. We continue to listen to the story while we eat and then discuss the book after the meal has ended. I'm happy to report that everyone is pleased with the solution:) It's a definite win-win for me, I now have happy entertained kids and part of our read aloud schedule complete! How do you and your children start the day? I'm always looking for new ideas to make the mornings a little more bearable for this night owl of a mother.


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