Sunday, March 21, 2010

Glass Beach

I know spring has finally arrived when I find myself once again strolling down glass beach.  We are lucky to have our very own treasure cove just around the bend. At low tide this small strip of sand reveals it's bounty.

  The sea loosens it's grip and the beach is awash with the fragments and trinkets of days bygone.  Each piece holds it's own secret history.  I wish I could exhume these stories, instead I must revel in their beauty alone.  Time and the sea have transformed these discarded objects into some of my most prized possesions.  I have amassed quite a collection.

Here are a few of my favorite items:

I know this spring and summer will include many more trips to glass beach and I can't wait to discover what the sea returns to me.


Christie said...

I stopped by from Friday's Nature Table but adore this post. I am a beach walker too. Even though I live in Alaska and it's hard to come by. Your collection is lovely and so is your blog.