Thursday, April 15, 2010

OHC Spring Series #1: Year-Long Tree Study

This week we continued with the Outdoor Hour Challenge Spring Series #1: Year Long Tree Study. We stretched this study over a two week period so we could observe the buds opening and the leaves emerging.  Each of the children have their own trees to study, T's is a Kousa Dogwood and O's is a Bloodgood Maple. We began this study in the winter and will continue it through the year.

First up is the Bloodgood. Over the last two weeks the leaves have fully emerged and the foliage is just gorgeous. I love how the sunlight kisses the leaves igniting their color.

Next is the Kousa.  The leaves are just beginning to unfurl.  They should be fully emerged in the next two weeks.  Kousa dogwoods bloom later than their indigenous counterparts.  We have both native and imported dogwoods in our garden.  I can not wait for them to blossom, it is one of my favorite spring sights.


A family of boys said...

Very cool! I've looked at The Outdoor Hour studies several times. I just need to get my act in gear and actually get it done. You make it look so doable!

Barb-Harmony Art Mom said...

I love watching your leaves pop out and the color! Really great choices of trees to study as they make their dramatic changes.

Thanks for sharing your entry.

Stephanie said...

What gorgeous pictures! I love the trees you chose for your study.