Sunday, April 18, 2010

In a Galaxy Far Far Away....A Stars Wars Birthday Party

Yesterday was T's 7th birthday. To celebrate we threw the Star Wars party of the century. The house was filled with fellow padawans hoping to complete their Jedi training. My husband led them in training and then awarded them their lightsabers. Once armed they helped defeat the Darth Vadar piñata and destroy the Death Star. After all this annihilation the young Jedi's feasted on lightsaber cake and bestowed T with his gifts.

I upcycled an old box to create the Death Star toss.

The piñata was fashioned from a paper mached balloon and painted using this design.
The lightsabeer cake was easily constructed by cutting a 13x9 sheet cake into 4 equal slices and tapering one of the slices.  I wanted to use rolled fondant but went with flavor over aesthetics...what doesn't taste good swathed in cream cheese frosting?
I think T's face was plastered with a smile ALL.DAY.LONG.  I must admit I was pretty geeked out by the whole Star Wars theme as well.   I can not believe I am the mother of a SEVEN year old!  Thank you T for sharing with me the joy of motherhood.  These past seven years have been the most beautiful, adventurous and hilarious years of my life. 


Stuff On My Blog said...

What an EXCELLENT party! Loving your death star & darth vader hehehe.

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Cheryl said...

We're big fans of Star Wars (as you know from my blog), so these are great! Thanks for linking to Craftastic Birthday - would love if you added the party button:)