Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day Craft Roundup

Here is a small sampling of the V-Day crafts we made this year.  With back to back blizzards you can only imagine the quantity of heart related crafts I have been subjected to these past 10 days.....Construction paper and glitter need to be in any emergency survival kit if you have children:)

First up is this Valentine's Day inspired tic-tac-toe game.  Roots and wings has an awesome tutorial for making these super cute gifts.

Next, is this super simple and fast headband....felt is the best fabric ever.  Modeled by lovely mother...the diva would not cooperate.

Here is the Valentine's card the children and I crafted together.  We melted broken crayon into these decorative tart molds and attached them to our cards (Note to readers...glue guns do not work with wax crayons).  We had to use industrial strength packing tape to get a good fix.

Finally, I made these felt rose wrist corsages for the little ladies in my life.  Here is an easy tutorial for how to make the roses.  Once the roses were constructed I cut a band of  felt slightly bigger than O wrist, attached a button and stitched it all together. Viola, she is ready for the ball :)