Thursday, February 11, 2010

Snow Day Quandary?

As the second blizzard in 5 days howled outside I was faced with a dilemma. As a homeschooler could I institute a weather closure? The public schools here have not been open since last Friday, we however have persevered...until yesterday. Yesterday we hit the proverbial snow wall....cabin fever was in full throttle and the whole family had come down with a case of the grumps! So, I threw in the towel and submitted to the lure of the snow day. I remember as a child praying for snow days, fitfully sleeping at night while periodically peering out the window searching for that elusive flake. Ah...the joy of a snow day. As homeschoolers my children will miss out on many of the rites of passage that accompany public school enrollment (thank goodness); but what about snow days. I have decided to keep this age honored tradition and to bow down to Old Man Winter. We shall embrace these small breaks and use them as an opportunity to play together as a family. These years together at home are much like that elusive snow flake....gone before you now it. What about my fellow you have snow days? Also if anyone has any snow day traditions or activities to share I'd love to hear them!