Monday, August 23, 2010

Our Butterflies

We awoke Saturday morning to a flutter of wings.  Much to our surprise and delight the butterflies had emerged overnight.  We were not expecting them to hatch for another few days. As a result we had not yet put any food in the house for them.  In order to ensure there survival we opted to release them immediately.  We watched them in rapture for a few moments, awed by their beauty.  We then traveled to the backyard and watch them swiftly escape from the enclosure into the beautiful morning of an August day.  We were only able to catch this one picture before they took off.  We had an amazing time with this butterfly study and plan on doing it every year.  We will be studying up on different types of butterflies over the winter and will plant butterfly attracting plants in the spring...come summer the caterpillar hunt is on!