Saturday, July 17, 2010


That folks is the last picture taken of T before life as we knew it came to a screeching was taken the day before he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 4.  On this day we played at the beach, ate crabs and reveled in complete and ignorant bliss of what the future held for us.  7/17 will always be a day of grief and celebration for our household, it is D-Day....Diagnosis Day.  Everyday, but particularly this one, I think about how different our lives would be if we didn't have to face this disease.  I grieve for the things my son will be barred from, the ramifications to his health, and his unattainable astronaut for him, no CIA operative, no sailing solo around the world.  Luckily T has not come to this realization yet, and I let him dream big as every child should.  While this day brings me sadness it also brings me great pride.  I am so very proud of my son.  He faces this disease with optimism and courage each day.  He rarely complains, never asks why me, he just accepts this burden with grace.  So on this day we celebrate him.  He gets to do whatever he wants. Today he wanted Coldstone Creamery, the Olive Garden and a new book.  So that is exactly what he got...that and a whole lot of insulin.

(Our first night home from the hospital T sleeping with his new glucose monitor)

Please know and recognized the signs of Type 1 Diabetes.  There are no known causes, it can strike anyone at anytime.


Kelly said...

He has the best life and you and Ryan are the best parents. He is and will be an amazing person because you guys have shown him that no matter what life gives you, you can still have it all. I know it's not easy - AT ALL - but we are proud of you, keep up the great work! Love you all!

Anonymous said...

never stop dreaming.... I, more than many, can honestly say that miracles happen!